Ken Haines

Ken’s Picks

Ken, the owner of The Color Wheel Company, has chosen these sites and products to showcase innovative ideas, products, friends, and other items that interest him! He likes to promote small businesses and creative people and ideas!

Earl Newman - Silk Screen Artist

Earl Newman is a local artist whose works span 60 plus years of American cultural history. From decades spent creating iconic posters of the end of the Beatnik era, through 50 years of the Monterey Jazz Festival, to capturing contemporary events with his artist’s eye, Earl’s body of work is not to be missed!

Lavender Farm

Lavender Fields Forever

Visit Lavender Fields Forever in Southern Oregon!
NPR Logo

NPR Color Series

A series of short podcasts that discuss, analyze, and ponder the complexity and context that color brings to our lives. Broadcast in Fall 2014.
Saturday Market Project Pic

Saturday Market Project

A place to buy and share exceptional materials, tools, and creative techniques. Be sure and subscribe to their newsletter! Features the Pocket Color Wheel.

Penguin Gift Shop at Penguin Place

Your destination for penguin shopping, gifts, toys, and fun! Don’t forget to review the new children’s book entitled Noodles & Albie!