The Color Wheel Company manufactures and sells a selection of color wheels, color mixing guides and color tools for artists, crafters and home owners.  All our products are designed to promote understanding of color theory, color relationships & color mixing.

Traditional Color Wheel

Color Wheels

We make many traditional and speciality color wheels to meet all your color mixing and color combining needs!
Teaching Wheels

Teaching Wheels

These Wheels teach color concepts at all levels – Kid’s to Professionals!
Color Tools

ViewCatcher, Gray Scale & Value Finder

We have color tools to meet your needs including the ViewCatcher and the GrayScale and ValueFinder.

Miracle Sponges

Miracle Sponges come in 3 sizes!  These compressed sponges take your art to a whole new level!
Gardener's Color Wheel

The Gardener's Color Wheel

The Gardener’s Color Wheel is designed to create exciting color combinations for the garden and understand color relationships.
CMY Wheel & Workbook

CMY Wheels

The CMY Primary Mixing Wheel and Workbook are designed to work together to provide a guide for mixing color pigments and illustrate color relationship, schemes, and contrasts.

All Color Wheels are Proudly Made in the USA

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